range inspiration

 We will be bringing you some background on our different ranges and where jenny got her inspiration from.  Coming to this page soon!

We are frequently asked ‘how do you choose what items make it onto your range?’

We have a complicated process when it comes to choosing what items make it as one of the drin team.   We’ll take you through the process step by step.

Step 1 – when we are busy serving up cake to our friends, slurping wine and nibbling crisps and dips at book club, or running out the door to a dinner party… and realise that we don’t have enough plates, dip bowls or need a gift for our host – we ring Jenny.

Step 2 – we shout down the phone –

‘we need side plates just the right size for a generous slice of carrot cake – not too big, not too small’; 

‘you need to make dip bowls that will hold 4 flavours of dips’;

‘we should bring a vase as a gift for a dinner party not another bottle of red wine’. 

Sometimes we say ‘hello jenny’ and goodbye jenny’, sometimes we don’t.

Step 3 – jenny has to go into her studio and generate something beautiful.  And she always does.

She created the ‘hen’ bowls because she was fed up carrying eggs up the garden from her hen house in her coat pockets and then finding them a few days later.

In other words our pottery is about life.  It’s about making things that we need, making things that are useful and making things that are going to make everyday tasks just a little bit sweeter.

We think life is complicated enough without having 2 or 3 sets of crockery for different occasions.  Most of us spend too much time as it is at the kitchen sink – may as well spend it washing something you love.

Make each cup of coffee, each bowl of porridge, each nibbled nut, each jug of milk that little bit nicer with a piece of drin pottery.

4 Responses to range inspiration

  1. Kella says:

    Hi I like your pottery styles in particular the oak leaf printed ones. Do you ever make pieces that can be used in jewellery making.

    Thanks for visiting my blogshop and for leaving a comment.

  2. Kella says:

    drop me a line when you do I would love to see what you have.

  3. Bronagh MacLaren says:

    Thank u for a great day out. Hannah and I just loved what we saw and are very busy thinking what else we need!!! Jenny can you make me 3 star bowls and a large star plate to match my mug’s. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Bronagh & co

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