pottery parties

This is one were we have to give you the credit.  We have had so many requests from people to host pottery parties that we just had to.  So now you can get some hands-on pottery experience in true drin pottery style.

We believe our pottery parties are unique because we believe that a true pottery party has to include lots of messy hands. You have to have the chance to squish, squash, and squeeze wet clay.  So our pottery parties are not just about decorating and painting, they are about creating something.

We have two types of parties…one for kids and one for the adults.

Kids party – we will come to your venue and each guest will be given their own piece of clay to make their very own creation…caterpillars, ladybirds, fish, amazing things can take shape.  All guests will also get a plate to decorate and personalise making a special keepsake for mum or a favourite plate for chocolate brownies.  (All items will be taken back to our studio to be fired and can be collected at a later date).

Adults – parties of up to 4 people can come to the studio and get a chance to experiment using two pottery techniques – wheel thrown and hand built pottery.  Everyone will get a chance to create two bowls using these methods, with everyone getting time on the potter’s wheel.  If you think it might help your creativity bring along a bottle of wine and we will supply some nibbles.

Cost for kid’s party is £60 potter’s fee, and £5 per guest.

Cost for adults party is £25 per head.

All costs include materials.

Our potter, Jenny, has nearly 20 years of teaching experience and our parties combine having fun and learning a traditional craft.

drin pottery will also be available to buy at each party.

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  4. Denise Blaine says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I met you at Lucinda’s – I do Pheonix as well. She gave me your mobile number and I left a message, but I have just looked you up. I would like to bring a friend for her birthday. Please let me know when you do parties.
    Thank you,
    Denise Blaine

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