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We think hand crafted pottery makes a wonderful gift – it’s thoughtful, creative, personal, original, useful, affordable.  Trust us, next time you are going to a dinner party bring your host a piece of pottery instead of the obligatory bottle of wine and bunch of flowers and see the reaction you get.

Everyone loves giving gifts that are well received…the problem is trying to think of something original, the hassle of getting the gift and remembering at the last minute.

We hope with the ideas below we have taken the hard work out of gift buying.  And that next time you need to buy a gift you will come straight to us.

And who knows, spread the word, and someone might buy you some drin pottery as a gift.

Father’s day – this is always a hard one. But we have men’s mugs, sized just that little bit bigger especially for men (£11).  Or plates (£12) with your child’s handprint on it. Get it personalised with a message for additional £2.

End of term – we’ve been talking about this one for a while, but it is a hassle every year.  See our guide for being teacher’s pet.

Anniversaries, engagements and weddings – pottery is perfect for the special occasion as it can be kept forever, but used everyday.  This is where our personalised service comes into its own – add special dates, names and message from £2.  Our large bowls (from £25) and large plates (from £20) are perfect for this.

Dinner party – we’ve said it before, it’s always a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers.  Flowers are so expensive and usually don’t look like anything, and we always end up drinking the wine on our host!  bring some pottery instead.  Jugs from £10, bowls from £8, dip dishes from £9….gifts that your host will use.

We also gift wrap and include a card for your gift for an additional £2.

We will bring you some more photos of our gifts.  Problem is as soon as we make them, we sell them before we can get the camera out…

NEWS UPDATE:  If you can’t decide on the perfect pottery gift simply purchase a gift voucher.  Available for any value, just order by phone or email, send us the cash and we will post your voucher.  Simple!

2 Responses to gifts

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks Jenny for the warm welcome. So nice choosing christmas gifts with a mug of coffee, home baked goodies and cosy fire.

  2. L o hAgaN says:

    I just recieved drin pottery for my 25th Wedding Anniversary and guess what its a one off pattern .Yeh! really. How great is that I’m thrilled to bits

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