about drin pottery



Welcome to the home of drin pottery.  Our philosophy is quite simple (…and quite selfish), it’s about ‘me time’

It’s about finding 5 mins of quiet, 5 mins to switch off, 5 mins to have the perfect cup of coffee (usually accompanied by the goo-iest slice of carrot cake), 5 mins to devour a few pages of your novel, 5 mins to find a seat in the sun, 5 mins to smell the flowers.

So when you have 5 mins to spare, come back and visit drin pottery.  We will show you the perfect pottery for that perfect cup of coffee, the best recipe for that carrot cake, and inspire you with some ideas for your next 5 mins of ‘me time’

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1 Response to about drin pottery

  1. anne currell says:

    Hi Jenny just wondering if you have any other pieces in The Hen range. I bought the bowl last year as a gift and wondered if you’ve anything else would do this year. x

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