A new year…

January is hard work.  It is all about creating our business plan for the new year. 

And if some people interpret that as a lot of sitting around drinking coffee and gossiping then so be it.  Who are they to judge where we get our inspiration from?

After a hectic end to 2011…pottery parties, ladies pottery nights, craft fairs and a huge demand for personalised pottery (all of which we are so thankful for), we are glad to put our feet up for a little while and think about our plans for the New Year.

On our list…

More pottery parties – for young and old!  We have as much fun as our guests at these parties (especially when there is wine thrown in).  So definitely more of these this year.

More studio open days – the studio is always open to visitors but its great when a crowd descends and we bring out the coffee and scones and get to chat about our love for pottery.  So please come visit.

More designs – we had so many new designs this year.  And Jenny kept us on our toes by introducing some limited editions.  So this year will be full of new inspiration and creativity.

Anyway back to coffee drinking and gossiping or we will never get this business plan finished.

Happy New Year to all our drin fans – old and new.  Please stop and leave a comment…its nice to say hi!

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2 Responses to A new year…

  1. Rosie Lockhart says:

    Jenny hosted a birthday party for a group of 8 year olds at my house. Honestly, it was so easy, and the girls were just enthralled. The finished pots were brilliant, and definately
    much better than a standard party bag full of sweets. I am recommending to all my friends. Go for it!! Rosie. Xx

  2. Hi Jenny. Looking forward to seeing you at Lucinda’s Christmas at the Barn.x

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