Teacher’s pet…

It’s just over four weeks to the end of school term – gulp!  For some parents there are feelings of anticipation for the summer ahead, and for others there are feelings of complete and utter dread, and frantic searching for summer schemes!

But whatever way you think of it the one thing we all have in common is end of term teacher’s presents…and classroom assistant presents, and football coach, and ballet teacher and………….

Now we’ve really got you panicking.  Don’t worry, life has just got simple.  Follow the drin pottery steps to gift buying.

Step one – choose a piece of pottery.  For these type of gifts we think: a bowl at £8; a mug at £8; or a jug at £10.  Or worst case scenario when you have to buy for a group of teachers e.g. playgroup, what about a personalised plate (from £10) for ‘the best playgroup in the world’.

Step two – choose the pattern for your pottery.  See our range.

Step three – add a personalised message for an additional £2.  Or just leave it as is.

Step three – want a card and gift wrap included?  Add £2.  (See, we think of everything)

Step four – send us an email to drinpottery@yahoo.co.uk and we will complete your order ready for collection.  Or get it posted (postage charge additional).

Step five – this is the important step.  To be a teacher’s pet do one of the following…

For your jug, get your daughter to pick wildflowers and present them in the jug.  (Note: do not attempt this with sons, it will not work).

For your mug, include a packet of freshly ground coffee.

For your bowl, add a punnet of strawberries and a little carton of whipped cream.

Told you we made life simple.

You’re welcome.

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1 Response to Teacher’s pet…

  1. andrea harrower says:

    i’m the original teacher’s pet!!!! ….and highly recommend drin pottery to all you web surfers out there. you want an originl gift for any occasion…..ask this potter to do it! sh’es a bit potty, but that’s maybe what makes her a fab potter!

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