Signs of summer…

 Savour your summer strawberries

Everyone has their own signs that indicate summer has arrived.  And in this part of the world those signs aren’t always related to the weather (!) – it might be the start of Big Brother, Wimbledon coverage, or maybe the fact that you can get a range of fruit in the shops without paying an arm and a leg.

At drin pottery our first definite sign that summer is here, is the demand for our Strawberry range. 

It usually starts with a strawberry bowl.  You get a bowl and use it everytime you have fresh strawberries.  And then you think that you really should have a strawberry jug to serve the fresh pouring cream.  And then, really, you need a strawberry dinky bowl for the fresh strawberry jam.  Then a strawberry plate for the scones, then strawberry mugs for the coffee to go with the scones…do you see what you started?

Every year jenny starts making the strawberry range a little earlier, but even so, at this time of year she becomes a little preoccupied with strawberries.  A little obsessed with strawberries.  Even a little tetchy if someone mentions strawberries…

Yes you could definitely say that strawberries are jenny’s first sign that summer has arrived.

What are your first signs of summer?  Tell us and you could win a strawberry bowl to start your collection.

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