Have a go…

Ever fancied a go on a potter’s wheel?  Fancy getting your hands dirty and creating a masterpiece?

We still have some party slots available between now and Christmas…but hurry, as they are booking up fast.

We have hosted everything from kids parties to hen parties.  Whatever the occasion, birthday or girls night out, our pottery parties have been a huge success.

We believe the enjoyment comes from really getting a go at making pottery.  Jenny will coach you on the potters wheel, and guide you to make a hand built creation.  You will also get a chance to decorate your master piece before it is fired.

Get in touch now to book your party, or buy a gift voucher for a friend.

See you soon!

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A new year…

January is hard work.  It is all about creating our business plan for the new year. 

And if some people interpret that as a lot of sitting around drinking coffee and gossiping then so be it.  Who are they to judge where we get our inspiration from?

After a hectic end to 2011…pottery parties, ladies pottery nights, craft fairs and a huge demand for personalised pottery (all of which we are so thankful for), we are glad to put our feet up for a little while and think about our plans for the New Year.

On our list…

More pottery parties – for young and old!  We have as much fun as our guests at these parties (especially when there is wine thrown in).  So definitely more of these this year.

More studio open days – the studio is always open to visitors but its great when a crowd descends and we bring out the coffee and scones and get to chat about our love for pottery.  So please come visit.

More designs – we had so many new designs this year.  And Jenny kept us on our toes by introducing some limited editions.  So this year will be full of new inspiration and creativity.

Anyway back to coffee drinking and gossiping or we will never get this business plan finished.

Happy New Year to all our drin fans – old and new.  Please stop and leave a comment…its nice to say hi!

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Christmas wishes

Are you wishing Santa will bring you a favourite car and personalised number plate? If not why not have your own personalised number plate in clay, the registration is up to you, a great gift for those big birthdays!!!!


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drinpottery advent – 10th December

Apples is a new design, inspired by the apple trees in the garden which hopefully will be more bountiful in years to come now we have got good advice about pruning from a tree surgeon friend. The design incorporates the apple and then the inside of the apple with the pips showing. The colours used are dark reds and greens and as usual with all our designs they mix and match so you can have an eclectic mix but with an overall togetherness. Enjoy!

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drinpottery – 9th December

Santa and his reindeers are getting ready for Christmas!

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drin advent – 8th December -jugalicious

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drin advent – December 7th – snowmen and angels

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drin advent December 6th-Baa baa dromara hills sheep

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Another platter for something different.

This time in blues with great shell shaped handles.

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Platters – 5th December

Platters were a new thing for this year, all individual and no two the same. A very stylish way to set off your mincepies and shortbread.

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